The 19th Commencement Exercises for the CLASS of 2022 at Mondial was a significant event, marking the end of an academic journey and the beginning of a new chapter for the graduates. The theme of the ceremony, “Breakthroughs & Blessings: A Celebration of Optimism and Courage in times of Pandemic,” reflected the unique challenges faced by the students in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and celebrated their perseverance and determination in overcoming them.

Despite the ongoing pandemic, the graduates were able to overcome the obstacles and continue to strive for their goals. The ceremony was a testament to their hard work, dedication, and unwavering optimism. The graduates were recognized for their achievements, and their families and friends were given the opportunity to celebrate their success.

The 19th Commencement Exercises at Mondial was also a celebration of the courage and resilience shown by the graduates and the entire Mondial community. The pandemic has been a difficult and challenging time for everyone, but the graduates have risen to the occasion and demonstrated their unwavering commitment to their education and their future.

Overall, the 19th Commencement Exercises at Mondial was a memorable and inspiring event, and a fitting tribute to the achievements and optimism of the CLASS of 2022. The graduates will always remember this special moment in their lives, and will carry the lessons of perseverance and courage with them as they embark on their next adventure.