The Mondial Singing and Band Competition 2023 has come to an end, but the memories and music still resonate in our hearts and minds. We are thrilled to share with you the highlights of this amazing event that showcased the incredible talent and creativity of our students.

From the moment the first notes were played and the first words were sung, the energy in the room was electric. The stage was set with colorful lights, dynamic sound systems, and an enthusiastic audience that cheered on every performance. The competition featured a diverse range of musical genres, from pop to rock, jazz to classical, and everything in between.

The solo singers mesmerized the crowd with their powerful vocals and emotional renditions of popular songs. The bands rocked the stage with their tight harmonies, driving beats, and impressive musicianship. Every performance was unique, creative, and captivating, reflecting the personalities and passions of the performers.

Our esteemed panel of judges had the tough job of selecting the winners from the pool of talented participants. After careful deliberation, the following performers emerged as the champions of the competition:

  • First Place Solo Singer Cat A : ALYA ZORACHELLE
  • First Place Solo Singer Cat B : LATISYA ARWA JOSSI
  • First Place Solo Singer Cat C : SHERYL JOSYSHELIN M
  • First Place Band : SYSKILL
  • First Place Solo Guitar : REZKY PANGERAN JORDAN
  • First Place Violin : TEKLA CLARA CETTA
  • First Place Piano Cat A : IO RYNN LAN
  • First Place Piano Cat B : CHARISA IVENA GINTING
  • First Place Piano Cat C : RACHEL OLIVIA
  • First Place Keyboard Cat A : MUHAMMAD DANISH ALFARIZI
  • First Place Keyboard Cat B : KEVIN JUNPUTRA PHANG
  • First Place Solo Drum Cat A : MARCHELLO MARSHA
  • First Place Solo Drum Cat B : DEANO AYLMER TAN
  • First Place Solo Drum Cat C : LUKE JOZSUA L

Congratulations to the winners and all the participants for their outstanding performances and hard work. The competition would not have been possible without the dedication and support of our music teachers, event organizers, sponsors, and volunteers. We are grateful for their commitment to fostering a culture of creativity and excellence in our school.

Thank you to everyone who attended the Singing and Band Competition and made it a memorable event. We look forward to seeing you again next year for another celebration of music and talent!