About Us

An Introduction &
A Brief History of Sekolah Mondial

Education is one of the most important aspects of life that significantly plays vital role in changing the lives of many people. Education has remarkably changed the dynamics of the world, its history, its governments, its intricacies and the of course, the so many lives of people who have experienced it. Not only does education help build a better society by instilling a deep desire for the younger generations to critically process the world around them, but it also helps them make better decisions, build a career, and navigate life for the better.

The impact of education is both palpable and pragmatic in the many areas of our society; and its ripple effects are unfathomable and far beyond our understanding as it continues to become multiplier of progress and agent of changes – thus proliferating and enriching the lives of its member.

The goal and purpose of education has always been for the betterment of every learner.

This is where schools play a vital, and often pivotal role in the development of children. As they grow older, it becomes more important for schools to instill values, discipline, and moral codes into the lives of children to a better generation as they get older. 

Founded in 2003, Mondial School was envisioned to be more than just a school. Designed to be a home where our students have the opportunity to learn at an early age, to fully explore their potential in sciences, arts, as well as sports, among many other aspects. Education in Mondial School does not end in the confines of the classroom. With numerous extracurricular activities as well as social activities that takes place outside the classroom under the very watchful eyes of our faculty members, we actively encourage students to explore and nurture their curiosity with the natural world as well as to learn valuable social skills by communicating and spending some time with their peers. We believe that these are the beginnings of a bond that will often last a lifetime, and one that is sure to help our students progress into the next stages of their education.