Foundation President Welcome

Greeting From Our foundation President

      The Mondial School was founded not only as an educational institution but also as a home where our children can learn as early as possible all aspects of the skills and discipline they will need in the face of the real world for the future. At this Mondial School, we not only provide limited education within the classroom, but also outside the classroom such as social activities, so that our students can appreciate people who are less able and appreciate what they have now, and that around us there are still people who are more difficult than us.

       Activities of dancing and singing, so that our students have the courage to deal with people and can show their talents and abilities in sports activities and other academic competitions, so that our students can appreciate the meaning of sportsmanship. don’t just come. To achieve this we must make every effort possible. Besides that, the support and trust of those around us also has a huge influence. Together with your support, our parents and beloved Mondial children, we remain. The teaching and learning process in this school can run smoothly also thanks to the school management team, teaching staff and other staff who devote their personal time and self in helping, guiding and taking care of mondial school students. It is a pride for me to be part of this beloved Mondial School.

Mr. Rahman Usman

Foundation President