Building Character and Confidence

The first stage of education. This phase requires a different approach, therefore in our program, we have tailored the education system to adopt a more entertaining approach to ensure that as our students learn and adapt to the school system, they can also enjoy the process and hopefully they can also discover their passions at an early age. This stage is a very crucial phase as this is often our student’s first experience with the school system which makes it even more important that they enjoy the process and are actively encouraged to explore their passions and continue to be entertained by the processes.

Vision & Mission Of TK Mondial Batam

Vision :

  • To teach, and serve as a bridge to a brighter future for our students.

Mission :

  • To provide educational services to encourage noble characteristics;
  • To create a disciplined, safe, orderly, clean, comfortable, green, and fun school environment;
  • To create an international school environment by establishing a supportive learning culture;
  • To help develop our student’s creativity and empathy as part of emotional intelligence or (EQ); and
  • To build connections and encourage cooperation within management, parents, and the community professionally.