Bridging Competent Students to the Future

Encompassing the final years of their higher education before our students enroll in university, our high school programs are designed to thoroughly prepare our students for a more specialized form of education that will then be carried through to their university years.  This is also where we solidify our standing on moral values, etiquettes, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. SMA serves as link and bridge for our competent students to the gateway of success. During this phase of their education, our students will then be exposed to teaching methods such as:

  • Cooperative learning
  • Collaborative teaching
  • ICT integration
  • Reporting
  • Investigative Research
  • Project/Research-based learning

Vision & Mission Of Mondial Senior High School

Vision :

  • To teach, and serve as a bridge to a brighter future for our students. 

Mission :

  • To provide quality education that meets the standards of the modern society

  • To produce graduates who are independent, creative and globally competitive

  • To incorporate technology into every aspect of the educational process, which will enhance life-long learning and prepare students to live in a technologically-driven realm.

  • To develop intercultural competent students that recognize the value of different culture and religions.

  • To practice the highest ethical standards of management where leaders are transparent, accountable and have a positive impact to the school and the community.